Symptoms of pathology appear the same in adults and children. Signs are determined not by age, but by the affected area.

Pathogenic microorganisms can multiply on the skin (any of its parts) and mucous membranes. Sometimes it helps against them:

The classic symptoms for all fungal diseases are:dry-scalp-vs-dandruff

Burning sensation
Itching (both mild and intense)
Discoloration of the affected area
Peeling skin
With mycoses of the feet on the surface of the skin:

Spots of various shapes with discoloration appear
There are foci of desquamation
An inflammatory process is provoked, accompanied by a local increase in temperature
Some patients complain of an unpleasant odor, blisters in the folds of the fingers, which itch and cause discomfort.

With mycoses on the face, the main symptoms are:

Discolored spots
Peeling skin
Coarsening of the skin
Usually, at the initial stage, fungal diseases do not manifest themselves in any way, since only dead cells of the epidermis are affected. But if you do not start treatment in a timely manner, mycosis will cause a lot of problems.

With time:

Spots on the face will grow and spoil the appearance.
Ulcers, cracks and foci of inflammation with pus will appear
The face will itch more and more
The fungus on the face often becomes the cause of many complexes in the patient. Some people with advanced stages of the disease even refuse to go out, as they are embarrassed by their appearance.

With mycoses on the scalp, patients complain of:

The appearance of pink plaquesk-chemu-snitsya-perhot
Deterioration of hair condition, hair loss and even the appearance of bald patches
Hair breakage at the base
Symptoms of fungal diseases also depend on the type of lesion.

With dermatomycosis, there is a deep lesion of the skin with mold or yeast. This pathology stimulates the development of the inflammatory process and is usually accompanied by the appearance of spots of various sizes with pink and red color.

With keratomycosis, the top layer of the skin is affected by the fungus. The inflammatory process may be absent. Small nodules with purulent contents usually form on the skin.

With candidiasis, mucous membranes are affected. Typically, spots form in the armpits, under the mammary glands (in women), and also in the groin area.

With deep mycosis, the subcutaneous tissue is affected. Also, the pathological process affects the mucous membranes and even the internal organs and the nervous system. The skin becomes covered with ugly warts and fistulas with purulent contents.

For any signs of mycoses, you should consult a doctor as soon as possible. Treatment of fungal diseases of the skin of the face, body, nails will be prescribed immediately after the detection of all symptoms and diagnosis.