If you ask a patient with migraine about the relationship of attacks with the weather, he will answer that it and https://pillintrip.com/medicine/proviron-25mg certainly exists. If you ask a neurologist – the answer will be ambiguous, why? Let’s figure it out.

▶ ️The link between weather and migraine has been analyzed in numerous studies – most with inconclusive results. That is, no clear connection between weather and headache was found.59b020f5b1d8a94f795db492f8e16ab98e1cc7f5

🤔If one is critical of this information, it should be borne in mind that the quality and design of studies, a large number of limitations also took place, as did studies that showed a clear relationship with weather.

What do we refer to weather change❓This is temperature, atmospheric pressure, humidity, wind, sunlight.

🔻All these variables exist together – it is difficult to separate each component of the weather to determine the effect on a person.

🔻These weather parameters are objective, do not forget that there is also a subjective perception of the weather by a person.

🔻The exact mechanism of the relationship between weather and headaches and https://pillintrip.com/de/medicine/azitrox-500mg is still unknown.

▶ ️ Speaking about the influence of atmospheric pressure, it is interesting to note that high-altitude headaches and headaches in an airplane have a right to life.

🔻Sunlight (no threat to St. Petersburg residents) – weather triggerheadache-young-woman-tired-of-insomnia

Research indicates that migraine patients are more sensitive to light, not only during attacks, but also in between. In addition, exposure to light can contribute to the onset of migraine attacks.

Remember that in summer a person sweats more, which can lead to dehydration – one of the triggers of migraines. Longer days in summer, shorter ones in winter – which affects sleep patterns – trigger migraines.

🔻 Temperature – cold stimulus – weather trigger

Cold headache is not only when we eat ice cream, but also when we inhale cold air or go swimming in the river in summer and immerse our head in cold water.

🔻 Answering the question about the connection between headaches and the weather, I would not say that the patient is looking for a connection where there is none. I would say that the issue has not yet been fully studied. But it is a fact that people with migraines are actually more sensitive to environmental stimuli.